The Kata is a system of fighting motions which includes all main technical action and movements existing within the style. 


The person performing Kata leads a meditative combat against several adversaries, attacking at the same time, of different sizes and having different styles and techniques with regard to the use of blows and weapons.


Kata reconstitutes the condition of a real fight, and has a direct effect on one's subconscious. As a result it produces an automatism of movements and reflexes.


If the practice of Kata is approached with this principle in mind then it imperceptibly unclenches within the disciple the ability to act and react in any fight ,whether it be in training or in reality, automatically. 

The following is a list of kata taught by Chotoku Kyan sensei and where they originate from: 


  • ANANKU - taught to Kyan by a Master in Taiwan
  • SEISAN - Sokon Matsumura
  • NAIFANCHI - Sokon Matsumura
  • WANSHU - Pechin Maeda
  • PASSAI - Kokan Matsumura
  • KUSANKU - Pechin Yara


Each kata is unique and has its own importance and values, that yield numerous benefits to the karateka who practice them with true spirit.